innoVi Network Readiness Test


To evaluate whether your network connection is able to support innoVi, please complete the (contact details) fields below, and perform the tests. Upon submission, an Agent Vi representative will contact you to discuss your network readiness.


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Preparation for the Network Test

Select a PC which resides on the same network as the one where the innoVi Edge and cameras will reside.

Perform the following test and provide the results in the dedicated response box.


Curl Test


    Use this command to determine the roundtrip time

    curl -k -w %{time_total}\\n

    Output example:



    In this example, the latency is 137 milliseconds.

    The maximum latency allowed to ensure analytics performance is 200 milliseconds. So the output should be: 0.200000\\n

    A health high latency alert is issued when the latency reaches 250 milliseconds and lasts at least 60 sec at this rate.

    Download link:

    1 – download it

    2 – unzip it

    3 – open command line and navigate to the curl folder (cd c:\....\curl…)

    4 – run the command

    On Ubuntu you can install it with sudo apt-get install curl.

    Copy the test results and paste to the box below.

Curl Test - Results