Support Services

  • Agent Vi’s Customer Support Department provides a variety of support services to its certified resellers. The Customer Support Department operates 5 days a week, 19 hours a day, covering the main business hours in major territories: Monday to Friday, from 05:00am GMT to 12:00am GMT the following day.
  • If you are a user of Agent Vi software who requires support, your first point of contact should be the Certified Systems Integrator who installed the software. If needed, the Certified Systems Integrator will contact Agent Vi for further assistance.
  • Support services are available in English.

Support Entitlement

  • Agent Vi provides post-sale support to its certified resellers, or to customers who have purchased a support contract from Agent Vi.
  • If you purchased your software from one of Agent Vi’s resellers, please contact the reseller directly for support. If, for some reason, you are unable or unwilling to obtain support from the relevant reseller, Agent Vi may provide assistance at an hourly rate.
  • Agent Vi provides support for Agent Vi’s products only, and does not provide support for third party products.
  • Support is provided in accordance with Agent Vi’s End-of-Life Policy.

Software Delivery Procedure

  • Agent Vi’s software may be downloaded from our website, and may require a license, which is issued by Agent Vi’s Customer Support Department.
    On receipt of a Purchase Order, Agent Vi will issue a license certificate which entitles the customer to the software components ordered.
    savVi only: A temporary (90 days) license is issued. An invoice will be issued by Agent Vi. Once the invoice is paid, the customer is required to fill in a license request form to receive the permanent license.

Software Installation

  • Agent Vi recommends that end users purchase its software from one of Agent Vi’s Certified resellers who may also provide installation services due to the certification training they have completed. In any case, Agent Vi is not responsible and shall not be held liable for software installation undertaken by parties other than Agent Vi.

Reissuance of Software License

  • In cases of system crash, or replacement of hardware components, Agent Vi’s license may become invalid, as it is based on a machine ID that is unique to the system on which it is installed. In such cases, Agent Vi will reissue a license once a signed statement has been received confirming that the reissuance is required due to hardware failure. The customer is required to provide the original license certificate number.
  • Agent Vi will reissue a permanent license due to hardware failure. The customer must submit the relevant form.

Software Upgrade Plan

  • Agent Vi offers a Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) for 1 to 5 year periods, entitling customers to receive software upgrades to their purchased software for the SUP period purchased.
  • The SUP period starts from the date on which the license certificate for the software was issued.
  • Information regarding major releases is sent in Agent Vi’s e-news and is posted regularly on this website.
  • Customers who have not purchased a SUP and would like to upgrade their software to the current version will need to retroactively purchase a SUP for the time period between their initial purchase and the time of the upgrade.
  • To purchase a SUP for your installation, please contact [email protected]

The installation and use of Agent Vi’s savVi is subject to the End User License Agreement incorporated in the product.

Link to EULA

Agent Vi products’ end-of-life policy is explained below, allowing customers to better plan and manage the transition process from their existing Agent Vi installation to newer product versions as they become available. This policy explains the type of support services available at Agent Vi for licensed software at various points during the applicable product’s life cycle. The rendering of support services by Agent Vi may be subject to additional terms and conditions.

End-of-Life Policy

This End-of-life (EOL) policy is effective as of January 1, 2010.

The EOL process guides the final operations associated with the product life cycle, and consists of a series of technical and business milestones and activities that, once completed, make a product obsolete. By the end of the process, the product will typically have been replaced by a newer version or other product with similar functionality. Once obsolete, the product is no longer sold, manufactured, improved, repaired, supported or maintained.

This policy is intended as a “guideline” as Agent Vi reserves the right to treat each product line independently, or agree to new or different terms with individual parties. Agent Vi also reserves the right to change this policy at any time without notice. The general policy guidelines are as follows:

  1. A product enters the EOL state by either being discontinued or by a newer software version being released.
  2. The general software life cycle is as follows:
    a. Major Release (example Version 3.x –> Version 4.x) – After the release date of a major release, the previous Major Release will start its EOL transition process.
    b. Minor Release (example Version 4.1 –> Version 4.2) – After 2 minor releases or 18 months (whichever comes first), a minor release will begin its EOL transition process.
  3. End-of-sale Notice Period: As a general rule, Agent Vi will provide three (3) months’ notice of the affected product’s end-of-sale (EOS) date and/or the last day when the affected product can be ordered. This notice will appear on Agent Vi’s website (below), and you are encouraged to visit this page regularly to review the information regarding the EOL program. The EOS date represents the final date after which the product can no longer be ordered through Agent Vi’s point-of-sale mechanisms.
  4. End-of-life Transition Period: Three (3) months after notice of the affected product’s EOS date, the affected product starts an EOL Transition Period of six (6) months. During this transition period, entitled customers will receive maintenance and support for the affected product.
  5. Limited Support Period: At the end of the EOL Transition Period, the Limited Support Period (LSP) will begin. During the LSP, which lasts 6 months, Agent Vi will still assist entitled customers regarding EOL products, but will not create software fixes to solve problems associated with the product version; it may be necessary for a customer to upgrade to a non-EOL software version to correct a reported problem and/or for the purpose of migration to a supported Agent Vi product.
  6. Software Upgrade Plan: Customers can upgrade to more current software versions, which have not entered EOL period, through Agent Vi’s Software Upgrade Plan (SUP). Click here for further details about the SUP.
  7. Support Entitlement: Agent Vi provides support to various customers based on individual support agreements and a general support policy. To review Agent Vi’s support policy, please click here.

Milestones of Agent Vi’s End-of-Life Policy

End-of-sale Notice Period End-of-sale date End-of-life Transition Period Limited Support Period
3 months X 6 months 6 months

Blue arrow

End-of-Life Products

Product Name

Product Version

End-of-Sale Date

innoVi Edge Model 200 1-Jan-19

Product Name

Product Version

End-of-Sale Date

savVi Version 5.0 1-Oct-14
savVi Version 5.1 1-Feb-15
savVi Version 5.2 1-Jul-15
savVi Version 5.3 1-Jul-18
savVi Version 5.4 27-Apr-20
savVi Version 5.5 31-Mar-21
BI Portal savVi 5.3 & 5.4 1-Apr-18

Product Name

Product Version

End-of-Sale Date

Vi-System Version 3.2 1-Jun-10
Vi-System Version 3.3.0 1-Dec-11
Vi-System Version 3.3 SP1 1-Jan-13
Vi-System Version 3.3 SP2 1-Jan-13
Vi-System Version 4.0 30-Dec-13
Vi-System Version 4.1 1-Jan-14
Vi-System Version 4.2 30-Jun-15

Product Name

Product Version

End-of-Sale Date

Vi-Search Version 1.0 1-Jan-13
Vi-Search Version 1.1 1-Jan-13
Vi-Search Version 1.2 1-Jan-14
Vi-Search Version 2.1 30-Jun-15