February 2021

savVi’s end – of – sale

savVi’s end-of-sale

Special innoVi upgrade opportunity

Effective March 31st, 2021, Agent Vi will end the sale of savVi

Customers under valid SUP will continue to receive support.
The sale of new installations & expansion licenses will no longer be available.

We currently offer a special savVi to innoVi upgrade for customers wishing to upgrade to our AI- powered video analytics platform- innoVi (Cloud-based SaaS or customer hosted installation).

savVi customers who are up to date on maintenance will be eligible for our special savVi to innoVi upgrade program. The program is designed to preserve the prior investment made in savVi while simplifying the transition to innoVi.

innoVi was launched in 2016 and now provides analytics protection to over 1000 sites globally. With the significant analytics improvements and ease of use offered by an AI based analytic platform, many customers are already choosing to install & upgrade to innoVi.

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