savVi – Supported Edge Devices

savVi supports a wide range of cameras through direct integration (Optimized Offering). Many other vendors and models are supported by the Flexible Offering, through integrations with Agent Vi’s VMS partners.

All Camera Brands – Flexible Offering
Many camera vendors and models are supported by Agent Vi’s Flexible Offering, through integrations with Agent Vi’s VMS partners.

Camera’s Viewing Angle
It is recommended to use cameras with viewing angles (horizontal FOV) that are narrower than 110°. Fish-eye cameras or cameras with a horizontal field of view that is wider than 110° may suffer from image warping that degrades analytics performance.


F34, F41, F44 (pending selected sensors. Contact Presales Support Note: F34 and F44 support only one channel for analytics

FA54 – only first channel is supported (out of 4 channels)

M1004, M1013, M1014, M1025, M1033, M1034, M1045, M1054, M1065

M1103, M1104, M1113, M1114, M1124, M1125, M1143, M1144, M1145


M3004, M3005, M3007, M3014, M3024, M3025, M3026, M3027, M3037, M3044, M3045

M3104, M3105, M3113, M3114, M3115

M3203, M3204

M5014, M5054, M5055 – certified for PTZ  Presets only, not for PTZ tracking, M5065

M5525 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking

M7011 (Encoder)

P1204, P1214, P1224, P1254, P1280, P1290

P1343, P1344, P1346, P1347, P1353, P1354, P1355, P1357, P1364, P1365, P1367, P1368

P1405, P1425, P1427, P1428, P1435, P1445, P1447, P1448

P3214, P3215, P3224, P3225, P3227, P3228, P3245

P3301, P3304, P3343, P3344, P3346, P3353, P3354, P3363, P3364, P3365, P3367, P3374, P3375, P3384

P3904, P3905, P3915

P5414, P5415 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking

P5512, P5514, P5515, P5522, P5532, P5534 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking, must disable Auto-Flip function

P5624, P5635 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking

P5655 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking, must disable Auto-Flip function

P8221 (Network I/O Audio Module) – supported by savVi Digital I/O Tool

P8513, P8514

Q1602, Q1604, Q1614, Q1615, Q1635, Q1645, Q1659

Q1700, Q1755, Q1765, Q1775, Q1785, Q1786, Q1798

Q1910, Q1921, Q1922, Q1931, Q1932, Q1941, Q1942 (Thermal)

Q2901 (Thermal)

Q3505, Q3515, Q3517, Q3615, Q3617

Q3709 (3 sensors)

Q6000 – supported with 4 separate channels in Flexible Offering, one channel (first one) in Optimized Offering

Q6032, Q6034, Q6035, Q6042, Q6044, Q6045, Q6052, Q6054

Q6055, Q6075, Q6114, Q6115, Q6124, Q6128, Q6154, Q6155 (PTZ) – certified for PTZ auto-tracking, must disable Nadir Flip function,

Q6215 – certified for PTZ  Presets only, not for PTZ tracking

Q7401, Q7404, Q7406

Q7411, Q7414, Q7424 supports only one channel for analytics (channel #1), Q7436


Q8631, Q8632, Q8641 & Q8642 (Thermal, PT), Q8665 (PTZ)

Q8721, Q8722 (PTZ)

Q8741, Q8742 (PTZ) visual view only (not the IR view)

V5914, V5915 (PTZ)

XF40-Q1765, XP40-Q1765

Supported Firmware: Device Firmware must be 5.x or later, for ARTPEC-6 models – 7.0 or later. Latest Firmware from Axis is recommended
1. Cameras based on ARTPEC-7 are supported only with camera rotation set to 0 degrees
2. PTZ auto-tracking: Contact Presales Support
3. Agent Vi’s products cannot operate concurrently with additional ACAP applications or Axis motion detection

Hanwha Techwin

SNB: 5003, 5004, 6003, 6004, 6010, 7004, 8000
SND: 5083, 5084, 5084R, 6011R, 6083, 6084, 6084R, 7084, 7084R
SNF: 7010, 7010V, 7010VM
SNO: 6011R, 6084R, 7084R
SNV: 5084, 5084R, 6012M, 6013, 6084, 6084R, 7084, 7084R, 8080
SNZ: 6320
Supported Firmware: Latest firmware from Samsung Wisenet. Camera firmware should support Samsung’s Open Platform version 2.01.



Fixed Dome / Box cameras

WV-S1111, WV-S1112, WV-S1131, WV-S1132
WV-S1510, WV-S1511LN, WV-S1531LN, WV-S1531LTN
WV-S2110, WV-S2111L, WV-S2130, WV-S2131, WV-S2131L
WV-S2211L, WV-S2231L
WV-S2511LN, WV-S2531LN, WV-S2531LTN

Supported Firmware: V4.20


S1808e (encoder), S1816e (encoder), S5120FDW-DN, S5120FD-DN, S5120BX-DN, V4530BTW, V4530BX-DN, V4530FD-DN, V4530FDW-DN
Supported Firmware: Contact Verint
Contact: +1-800-4VERINT or


FD: 8137, 8138, 8152, 8154, 8164, 8167, 8338, 8367
FE: 8174, 8180, 8181
IB: 8337, 8338, 8354, 8367
MD: 8531, 8562
Supported Firmware: Camera firmware should be compatible with VADP or later
Contact: or