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Embedded Vi-Agents

Verify that your AXIS model is equipped with a firmware version that supports the AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). See the list of compatible models at:

If you can’t find your model, send an email to

Verify which CPU model is used with your AXIS model (AMBARELLA A5S, ARTPEC-3, ARTPEC-4, ARTPEC-5 or ARTPEC-6), and use the equivalent embedded Vi-Agent version accordingly. The CPU model can be verified in the product datasheet, which is available on the Axis website.

Device Firmware must be 5.x or later, for ARTPEC-6 models – 7.0 or later. Latest Firmware from Axis is recommended

If you can’t find your reference, send an email to

** Hanwha Techwin firmware should support Samsung’s Open Platform version 2.01 or later

*A complete list of supported Axis devices and their applicable Vi-Agent version is available here

Video Alarm Management Software Integrations