savVi offers automated statistical analysis to present traffic volumes, movement trends and motion patterns, enabling effortless extraction of operational data from surveillance video. Equipped with such information, facility managers, marketing leaders and business owners can make educated decisions regarding various operational and resource allocation aspects at their facility.


  • Delivers accurate, wide-ranging statistical data related to people and vehicles
  • Offers advanced visualization tools including charts, graphs and heat maps
  • Enables exporting of the raw data for further analysis or integration with other systems
  • Enhances operations and marketing decisions for the retail sector through customer behavior analysis
  • Provides key metrics for highway operators through vehicle flow and speed analysis
Business Intelligence Capabilities 
Business Intelligence Rules for Statistical Reports 
  • Count targets (people/vehicles)
  • Speed analysis (vehicles)
  • Crowding (people)
  • Occupancy (people)
Business Intelligence Query Results – Viewing Options
  • Statistical Analysis – Behavioral statistics in graphical and tabular reports
  • Target Path Analysis – Search results shown as graphical presentation of all motion paths in a scene for identification of trends/anomalies 
  • Heat Map – Visualization of traffic levels to identify high/low traffic zones 
  • Site Map – Search results of “Target Path Analysis” and “Heat Map” on a site map, showing multiple camera displays in a single view

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Business Intelligence Clips

“People counting” rule for Business Intelligence

Search results shown as heat map and site map

Search results shown in statistical reports