Deep Learning-Driven Video Analytics for Comprehensive Coverage

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innoVi Enterprise is an innovative video analytics software designed to meet the security and safety needs of multiple vertical sectors. Combining Agent Vi’s vast field-proven experience with deployments of all sizes and highly advanced, cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, innoVi Enterprise helps surveillance operators to uncover otherwise hidden events, insights and information. innoVi Enterprise enables leveraging of the surveillance infrastructure for security applications and beyond and is available as an Agent Vi Hosted service or Customer Hosted (on-premise) solution.

innoVi Enterprise eliminates the need for continuous human monitoring of surveillance cameras. It automatically detects and alerts to security and safety incidents in real-time, thereby drawing a surveillance operator’s immediate attention to an incident. innoVi provides situational awareness to effectively manage incidents and enable effective responses, as incidents unfold.

Real-Time Rule-based Detections for Specific, Pre-Defined Events

“I know what I’m looking for…”

  • Perimeter intrusion

  • Sterile zone monitoring

  • Loitering

  • Unauthorized vehicles

  • Occupancy (over-crowding)

  • Grouping (crowd gathering)

  • Suspicious objects

Real-Time Anomaly Detection: Uncovers Outlier Events

“I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for… but I’ll know it when I see it!”

  • Alerts for unusual events / behavior patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed

  • No need to define rules, no manual rule configuration or testing required

  • Complements rule-based detection capability to provide broad real-time coverage

Deep Learning-Powered Video Analytics Technology

Agent Vi’s Deep Learning technology boasts a unique object classification methodology that actively and continuously learns how to accurately classify objects, so that it can distinguish between a variety of object types, i.e. persons, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses, trucks and static object types.

Agent Vi’s powerful technology trains continuously on millions of images extracted from 15 years-worth of real-life surveillance video footage, resulting in unparalleled detection accuracy and an extremely low false alarm rate.

How Does innoVi Work to Make Any Camera “Smart”?

Agent Vi’s patented architecture distributes Video Analytics processing between the innoVi Edge appliance and innoVi Core (a server located either in the cloud or on-premise).

Cameras are connected to the compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi’s powerful video analytics – innoVi Edge. The appliance processes the video locally and communicates with the innoVi Core for alarm response, health monitoring, model updates, commissioning and central management. Automatic SaaS updates / immediate on-premise update notifications ensure that innoVi Edge and innoVi Core are always up-to-date.

Capabilities & Features
  • Real-time event detection rules for different scenarios 
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Health Monitoring
  • Central management, ideal for distributed / remote sites
  • Minimal setup and configuration, easy camera connection
  • Seamlessly and constantly updated, no system downtime
  • Scale from small to large seamlessly without redesign
  • Designed with cybersecurity defense in mind
  • Always on, 24/7 health monitoring across all sites
  • Secure browser GUI, unified login, centralized credential management