Agent Vi’s patented, federated architecture distributes video analytics processing between innoVi Edge, available either as software or as a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi’s powerful video analytics, and innoVi Core, a server located either in the cloud or on-premise.

  • Designed with IT environments in mind

  • High availability scalable micro-services architecture

  • Easily deploy and manage remote sites

  • Secure browser-based GUI

  • Centralized system-wide account settings, provisioning, and device management

  • Centralized management of all system / analytics updates

  • Centralized user authentication

  • 24/7 camera / network health monitoring

Makes Any Camera “Smart”

This compact appliance or software, pre-loaded with Agent Vi’s powerful video analytics, connects to any ONVIF/RTSP-supporting IP camera, processes the video locally, and communicates with the innoVi Core for alarm response, health monitoring, model updates, commissioning and central management.

innoVi Edge transmits low bandwidth data rapidly to the innoVi Core server located either on-prem or in the Cloud.

Multiple cameras can be connected to each innoVi Edge, with no tweaking or network configuration necessary. Automatic SaaS updates / immediate on-premise update notifications ensure that innoVi Edge and innoVi Core are always up-to-date.

innoVi Edge 220

Video Analytics On-Premise or In the Cloud

innoVi Core performs all central management and higher-level processing of extracted metadata for advanced video analysis. Available either on-prem or in the Cloud, innoVi Core was developed using a modern software approach on principles common to many of today’s private and public data centers: easy scalability through dynamic resource allocation, continuous zero down-time updates, and high availability.

How It Works

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