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innoVi is Agent Vi’s next-generation, feature-rich AI- powered video analytics software platform. innoVi provides a broad set of highly sophisticated video analytics capabilities for enhanced security, safety and business operations, such as real-time detection of events of interest, rapid search and analysis of recorded video, and extraction of statistical data. Available as a cloud-based SaaS or as an on-premise software, innoVi’s capabilities meet the needs of any new or existing surveillance installation.

As an open-architecture software platform, innoVi is applicable to any surveillance system, offering easy integration with 3rd party video management platforms as well as alarm receiving software. Its scalable robust architecture is applicable to installations of all sizes, with any number of cameras across multiple distributed sites, while offering the most attractive TCO. As a mission-critical SaaS platform, innoVi was designed to provide high service availability, full redundancy, seamless automated backups and upgrades, a 24/7 network & camera health monitoring, and automated calibration without the need for manual tweaking.

Real Time Alerts

Real-Time rule-based detections for specific, predefined events such as: asset protection, crossing a line, unattended object, stopped vehicles, occupancy, grouping, and more.Real-Time Autonomous Anomaly detection


Video Search capabilities quickly search through vast archived videos, replacing labor intensive manual searches, directing personnel to the most relevant footage within seconds.

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence extracts information from videos to provide automated statistical analysis, enabling cities, facility managers and business owners to make better informed decisions regarding their operations.

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Unattended Object
Crossing a line

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Targeted GroupChannel Partners sales teamsTechnical staff (engineers and installers)End usersConsultants, A&Es and advisors
Course OutlineIntroduction to Agent Vi, savVi, the CPP, and how to demonstrate savVi for Real-Time, Video Search and Business Intelligence.Sales course lessons, product architecture, deployment and planning guidelines, installation principles, and integration with VMSOptimizing savVi’s use, savVi’s features and deployment tips.introduction to video analytics and savVi, architecture, planning and deployment guidelines.
Course Duration2.5 hours7-8 hours3.5 hours3 hours
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