innoVi Remote Guarding


innoVi Remote Guarding™ is an AI- Powered video analytics platform that automatically detects security breaches such as perimeter intrusion and unauthorized access to facilities, generating alerts in real-time, which enable rapid response as incidents unfold. The alerts, which can be monitored through innoVi’s user interface, or directed to a third- party security operation center, are accompanied by a video clip of the detected event, enabling immediate verification and informed response.

Driven by Agent Vi’s highly advanced and accurate AI-powered video analytics technology, innoVi Remote Guarding™ is designed for remote guarding installations, offering easy setup, implementation, and maintenance for large-scale deployments across distributed remote sites. innoVi Remote Guarding™ is implemented with minimal setup and configuration, easy camera connection and platform updates with no system downtime. innoVi Remote Guarding™ provides high-end security with real-time alerts, enabling more sites to be monitored without requiring an increase in the number of security staff.

innoVi Remote Guarding- Recorded Webinar