innoVi Investigation

innoVi Investigation™ is an advanced AI-driven search engine for recorded video, that quickly searches through vast archived videos, locating relevant events or objects within seconds, replacing labor-intense manual search. innoVi Investigation™ processes video in real-time, generating video metadata on-the-fly, which enables running search queries on the recorded video. This ensures immediate results without the need to post-process the video . Offering an extensive range of search filters and object classifications, users define parameters of events or objects of interest such as object class, event type, color, timeframe, etc. and receive matching search results within seconds from multiple selected cameras.

innoVi Investigation™ includes a unique map-based geospatial interface, allowing users to search footage from any camera based on its geo-location by selecting a specific area on a map. innoVi Investigation’s expedited and accurate search capabilities deliver rapid results, improving situational awareness, reducing investigation time and optimizing use of manpower.

innoVi Investigation- Recorded Webinar