innoVi Enterprise


innoVi Enterprise™, Agent Vi’s all-in-one AI-powered video analytics platform combines real time event detection, video search, business intelligence capabilities, anomaly detection, and map-based geospatial interface. innoVi Enterprise™ leverages any surveillance system with automated high-end detection and analysis of security and safety incidents, enhanced situational awareness and statistical analysis capabilities.

innoVi Enterprise™ includes innovative autonomous real-time anomaly detection and alerts for unusual events or behavior patterns that would otherwise go unnoticed. Anomaly detection does not require pre-defined rule configuration or testing and is operated completely autonomously. How would we describe anomaly detection? “I don’t know exactly what I’m looking for… but I’ll know it when I see it “.

Agent Vi’s vast field-proven experience with thousands of deployments of all sizes in a variety of environments and markets, combined with its highly advanced AI-powered technology, positions innoVi Enterprise™ as the most advanced and reliable video analytics solution to immediately detect security threats, prevent crime, shorten emergency response time, and heighten situational awareness.

innoVi Enterprise- Recorded Webinar