innoVi Architecture

innoVi™ is a video analytics software platform that is provided as a centrally managed SaaS (Software as a Service) hosted by Agent Vi™, or as an on-premise software, installed on the customer’s own hardware.

innoVi™ is based on a 5 tier IoT architecture:
Sensors (cameras), Smart devices at the edge- innoVi Edge™, Network,  Middleware- innoVi Core™, User facing applications- innoVi Portal™ or 3rd party applications

How does it work?

innoVi Edge™- Initial Video Processing

innoVi Edge™ processes the video locally, extracting metadata, generating events, and locally storing images. Low bandwidth data is then transmitted over the Internet (or local network) to innoVi Core middleware for analysis and central management. Multiple cameras can be connected to each innoVi Edge, with no tweaking or network configuration. innoVi Edge can be provided as an Agent Vi pre-loaded appliance or can be based on the customer's hardware. *innoVi Edge can connect to any ONVIF/RTSP IP camera.

innoVi Core™- Middleware

innoVi Core™ performs all central management and high-level processing of extracted metadata for advanced video analysis, alarm generation, health monitoring, and metadata storage. As a central cloud SaaS innoVi Core offers high availability and easy scalability through dynamic resource allocation. innoVi Core is also available as an on-premise software for customers with restricted internet access.

innoVi Portal™- User Application

The innoVi Portal™ is a browser-based application that allows users to configure their system, monitor alerts, perform video-based investigation, and generate various types of reports.