City of Vicente López, Argentina

Vicente Lopez control room

Agent Vi’s Video Analytics Enable Proactive Crime Prevention and Smart Decision Making at Vicente López

“We’ve adapted our protocols to respond more accurately to the alerts issued by the video analytics system, allowing for immediate responses that, in turn, improve crime prevention.”

Undersecretary of Security at the Department of Security, Municipality of Vicente López


To achieve its goal of becoming a Safe & Smart City, Vicente López sought a surveillance solution to derive real value from recorded video, including video analytics to help reduce crime and increase public safety through proactive measures.


Agent Vi’s video analytics solution was installed at the city’s Urban Monitoring Center, offering a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools enabling real-time event detection, video search, and business intelligence.


Implementation of video analytics has brought about significant, positive changes: real-time alerts act to detect crimes, video search enables rapid post-event investigation, and BI statistical data enhances Smart City operations.

Community Active Protection (CAP), South Africa

Community-based Anti-Crime Initiative Leverages Agent Vi’s Remote Guarding SaaS to Boost Security and Revenue

“This is the best analytics product we’ve seen. Almost all of the alerts we receive are accurate. It’s astounding. I can’t say enough good things about it.”

COO, Community Active Protection (CAP)


Community Active Protection (CAP) was founded as a non-profit organization in 2006 in response to the high levels of crime plaguing the city of Johannesburg. CAP has taken a proactive approach to crime prevention, recruiting highly capable teams to patrol streets, and motivating citizens to report suspicious activity to its state-of-the-art Command Center. CAP also owns and operates an off-site monitoring service that uses privately-owned cameras connected to the CAP network. CAP sought an intrusion detection solution for this service, to increase the level of protection and response offered to their customers.


CAP deployed the innoVi Remote Guarding software as a service (SaaS) to receive accurate and automatic detections of security breaches at the remote sites. Cameras at these sites are connected to the service via innoVi Edge, a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi’s powerful video analytics, where the initial video analysis is performed. CAP defines events of interest; when innoVi detects such events, it sends an alert to the Command Center, along with an event clip providing video verification of the security breach. Operators can quickly review the clip and decide on the best course of action.


CAP is highly satisfied with innoVi’s technology, performance and business model. innoVi is camera-agnostic, able to connect through innoVi Edge to any ONVIF/RTSP IP camera, with no need to replace existing cameras, leading to a savings in time and money. In addition, the recurring monthly revenue (RMR) model is enabling CAP to add innoVi to existing and new CCTV deployments, while keeping operational costs low and under control. In line with its proactive approach, CAP has begun to employ Agent Vi’s Deep Learning-driven Anomaly Detection capability which can identify and alert to “unusual” events without pre-configuration.

Eyeforce Remote Guarding, USA

Agent Vi’s innoVi Helps Remote Guarding Station, Eyeforce, to Detect Intruders, Prevent Damage and Losses

“The detection accuracy and false alarm rate is one of the best that I have seen to date. We are constantly testing and searching for the best video intrusion detection products out there, and innoVi sets the bar very high.”

CEO, Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions


Eyeforce is a Remote Guarding Station headquartered in Houston, TX, USA. As a veteran service provider since 1997, many of Eyeforce’s legacy sites were sending alerts via older methods like outdoor PIR and/or beam detectors, and basic video motion detection, resulting in a high level of false alarms. Eyeforce sought a video analytics solution with both high accuracy and low complexity, to enable optimal detection of perimeter breaches and suspicious behavior at dealers’ sites.


Eyeforce deployed innoVi for Central Monitoring at dozens of remote sites, with the cameras innoVi-enabled in minutes by connecting them to innoVi Edge – a compact appliance pre-loaded with Agent Vi software – which resides at the remote site. Each camera was defined with specific detection rules, ranging from perimeter breach and sterile zone monitoring applications for people and vehicles, to detection of stopped vehicles and loitering. The rules are activated according to user-defined schedules.


innoVi’s high probability of detection (POD) and low false alarm rate (FAR) impacted Eyeforce’s business immediately. More accurate, reliable alerts enable Eyeforce to offer a more consistent high-end monitoring service. Multiple arrests have been made and dozens of thefts have been averted. The fact that innoVi detected the intruders in the approach zone or at the entrance to the sites, allowed for quick action by Eyeforce, and the avoidance of substantial damage / theft.

Cherokee Nation Entertainment, USA

Agent Vi Provides Rapid Video Search Capabilities to Enhance Operator Efficiency for Cherokee Nation Entertainment

“It was savVi’s swift and effective video search that caught Cherokee Nation Entertainment’s attention when searching for an enhanced security solution, in particular due to the automated query ability. We have been extremely impressed with savVi’s capabilities and the quality of its performance, and fully expect savVi to increase efficiencies and provide true ROI which will have a major impact on the bottom line.”

Director of Surveillance and Technology, Cherokee Nation Entertainment


Cherokee Nation Entertainment (CNE) is the gaming and hospitality arm of the Cherokee Nation, operating multiple casinos and hotels across northeast Oklahoma, USA. CNE sought to reduce the time it took to review security footage, so their security team could remain focused on proactive tasks, and optimize their day-to-day efficiency. CNE also wanted to obtain and assess accurate data on occupancy and visitor trends for business intelligence purposes.


CNE selected savVi, Agent Vi’s on-premise video analytics solution. Over 1,000 savVi licenses were purchased, allowing cameras at CNE’s ten Oklahoma-based casinos to be enabled with different combinations of real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence capabilities. CNE utilizes the video search capability most widely – to enable rapid search through the surveillance video to pinpoint events of interest – and therefore video search capabilities are enabled on most cameras.


The casinos need to be able to swiftly locate specific events within masses of footage, allowing verification of personal injury claims by customers who may be trying to defraud the casino. Previously, the security team’s time was heavily occupied by observing hours of footage. savVi now enables CNE to run the search automatically, allowing far more effective use of the operators’ time, and reduced search time from as much as 16 hours for a single search, down to a matter of minutes.

Green Bay Airport, USA

Agent Vi Resolves Safety and Security Challenges at Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport, Wisconsin, USA

“Agent Vi helped us enhance our surveillance system with real-time event detection, enabling us to respond more quickly to incidents… We configured the analytics with some redundancy to minimize the possibility of a security breach in the sterile concourse.”

Director, Green Bay Austin Straubel Intl. Airport


Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB) is a busy, international, two-runway facility in Wisconsin, USA, which faces a range of safety and security challenges. Of prime importance to GRB was safeguarding the smooth and uninterrupted flow of the exit lanes for passengers leaving the terminal, and keeping air carrier aprons and ramps clear of unauthorized pedestrians.


GRB upgraded its surveillance system to include savVi, Agent Vi’s on-premise video analytics platform, which monitors the exit lanes to detect individuals moving against the flow of traffic or entering through the concourse exit, sending an alert in real-time as an event occurs. This enables an instantaneous and appropriate response by security staff. savVi is also used to monitor personnel movement on the air carrier aprons and ramps.


The real-time detections provided by Agent Vi have prevented serious situations occurring by enabling the security staff at GRB to act swiftly and effectively, by viewing the detection footage and investigating breaches as events develop. Without savVi real-time event detection capabilities, such security breaches could cause a complete airport shutdown.

KEPCO, Japan

Agent Vi Enhances Safety at Hydro-Electric Dam Sites across Kansai, Japan

“We chose savVi as the product is easy to operate and Agent Vi’s technical support is much better than what’s offered by other analytics providers. savVi delivers a robust solution – we have a very low False Alarm Rate (FAR) even with the harsh vegetation surrounding the water channels at the expansive sites.”

President, KT Workshop


Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc (KEPCO) is one of the nine major electric companies in Japan, maintaining dozens of hydro-electric dams across Kansai. There have been various drowning incidents at the dam sites, resulting from water discharges, and hence, keeping the dams clear of people is a serious safety challenge for the site operators. Moreover, erecting physical security systems at the dam sites is difficult as the sites are made up of water ways and heavy vegetation.


One to two cameras were set up at a dozen medium-sized dam sites, and were enabled with savVi Real-Time Event Detection capabilities. The solution is based on a mix of thermal and standard cameras to ensure the highest coverage during day and night. Fully integrated with Milestone XProtect Professional Video Management System, savVi has been configured to detect all instances of intrusion and to prompt an alert which appears in Milestone’s Smart Client.


savVi’s real-time detections provide an optimal way to safeguard the unmanned, remotely monitored dam sites. savVi serves as an early warning system to alert to the presence of people in the vicinity of the dams. When savVi detects a person or vehicle in the dam area, a real-time alert is automatically generated, which is followed by a loudspeaker announcement which warns intruders to leave. There have been no safety incidents since savVi was installed at the sites.

City of Zagreb, Croatia

Agent Vi Helps to Decrease Traffic Congestion and Increase City Revenue in City of Zagreb

“We selected Agent Vi’s video analytics because we could guarantee the product and the system’s quality to our customer. We, as the systems integrator, and the City of Zagreb, as the customer, are pleased with the end result.”

Senior Sales Manager, King ICT


The City of Zagreb, Republic of Croatia, has some 800,000 residents and a bustling city center. With heavy traffic of vehicles and pedestrians, the city sought a solution for better traffic management, increased safety and more effective enforcement of traffic laws. In particular, the city sought to deal with illegally parked vehicles on footpaths, recognizing that drivers who stop in unauthorized areas and on footpaths pose a safety hazard and prevent the orderly flow of traffic.


Nearly 90 cameras at critical traffic points and intersections were enabled with savVi’s Real-Time Event Detection capabilities. The seamless integration of savVi with the Axis network cameras and Genetec Security Center, coupled with the integration with the municipality ERP system and national car registry database, provides the City of Zagreb with a best-of-breed solution that enables them to capitalize on their surveillance system investment, while increasing road safety.


The deployment of the surveillance system, including savVi, has resulted in a reduction of traffic violations by more than 50%. Previously, the city relied on on-site traffic monitors to catch offending vehicles. The automatic detections made by savVi eliminate the need for human monitoring, and allow for more effective detection of illegally parked cars. More parking tickets have been issued and the City of Zagreb has tripled its revenue from traffic violations as a result of savVi’s introduction.

Securitas Alert Services, Sweden

Agent Vi’s Analytics Streamline Securitas Remote Monitoring Services and Resources

“We are very happy about the cooperation with Agent Vi and they truly are an important part of our focus to create the best VSaaS solution in Europe. Within Securitas, video solutions – and in particular Video Analytics – are a strategic direction for the future.”

Manager, Video Solutions Europe, Securitas Alert Services


Securitas Alert Services provides ‘Video Surveillance as a Service’ (VSaaS) for companies and government authorities in Sweden, with monitoring stations based in Stockholm and Malmö. To offer the best security and safety monitoring possible, Securitas looked for a robust and cost-effective real-time video analytics solution to allow an additional verification in their alarm and dispatch service. Additionally, as a service provider, Securitas sought a solution that would enable expansion of their customer base while maintaining their human resource levels.


With a view to offering the highest level of security to its customers, Securitas Alert Services deployed Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution at dozens of sites across Sweden. The Vi-Agent edge device component was installed in various Axis cameras (thermal, fixed and PTZ) deployed at these sites. The cameras are connected to the Milestone XProtect® Corporate recording and management platform allowing the video images to be displayed on the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client and XProtect® Smart Wall applications.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution has allowed Securitas Alert Services to greatly increase the efficiency and scale of their operations, with sites added regularly without the need for additional operators. When a security incident occurs, Agent Vi’s solution detects the breach and generates an alert. The relevant video feed is reviewed by the guards and they respond to the suspicious behavior, in line with their threat assessment, as the incident unfolds. This enables the delivery of a higher level of service to Securitas customers.

Tulsa University, USA

Agent Vi Cuts Investigation Times & Enhances Security at

Tulsa University

“The real-time detections, together with the automatic search which makes searching across a wide expanse and numerous cameras so simple, responded to our needs. Combined with the high detection success and low false alarm rate, we have greatly improved our level of security and become much more efficient in the field of investigating surveillance video.”

Assistant Director of Security Technology & Card Services, Tulsa University


The University of Tulsa (TU) offers over 100 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs to nearly 5,000 students. With multiple buildings and facilities across the campus, TU sought a surveillance solution that would monitor key areas and protect valuable artwork, among other assets. The security team specifically wanted the ability to quickly search through recorded video to identify events of interest.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection and Video Search software are deployed at TU, integrated with hundreds of network cameras from Axis Communications. All the cameras feed to a central dispatch room manned 24/7 by security operators. The site employs OnSSI’s Ocularis CS as the VMS, and detections of suspicious objects, perimeter intrusions, sterile zone breaches and other security events generate an alert in Ocularis Client.


Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection software transformed the surveillance system into a proactive tool that alerts security operators when an artwork is tampered with, or a suspicious object is left behind. Instant video notification enables security staff to view the event and dispatch an officer accordingly. TU also employs Agent Vi’s Video Search to reduce time spent searching through recorded video during time-sensitive investigations.

Wirsol Solar Farms, United Kingdom

Agent Vi Protects Large, Remote Solar Farms Against Intrusion and Theft

“We were pleasantly surprised to discover the benefits of IP surveillance over analog systems. The use of thermal cameras with Agent Vi’s real-time analytics software is especially appropriate, as our large sites do not have lighting and are difficult to guard. We have peace of mind with this sophisticated solution that protects our investment.”

Project Manager, Wirsol Solar UK


Wirsol Solar UK is a globally active company with multiple solar farms throughout the UK. They sought an affordable surveillance solution for four 5-megawatt solar farms, each measuring some 200,000 square meters. Specifically, Wirsol wanted to prevent intruders from entering and stealing the highly valuable solar panels, and faced challenging conditions at the sites, including extensive perimeters that are unmanned, not illuminated, and situated in remote, rural locations.


Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics solution was deployed, integrated with thermal network cameras from Axis Communications. The combined solution enabled the creation of a protective zone around the perimeter fence to detect intruders by day or night, regardless of whether they climbed over the fence, under the fence, or even cut directly through the fence. All perimeter intrusions detected generate an alert which is displayed in the Milestone XProtect® Smart Client.


Agent Vi’s real-time event detection solution has detected multiple instances of intruders at the solar farm sites, generating an alarm which is viewed by a security guard at a remote monitoring station. The guard makes an announcement via the speakers at the site to warn off the intruder, and if necessary, instructs police to attend the site. The solution successfully differentiates between irrelevant movement and genuine perimeter breaches, ensuring a very low false alarm rate (FAR).