Agent Vi’s AI video analytics platform – innoVi™, serves mass transportation customers such as railways, metro stations, tunnels, bridges, airports & seaports authorities. innoVi™ enhances safety & security by heightening situational awareness, detecting traffic violations as well as security and safety breaches, offering forensic investigation capabilities, and providing raw & analyzed statistical data for enhanced operational efficiency.

Maintain your operational flow by enhancing safety precautions and eliminating security breaches. innoVi™- the all in one platform will detect crowding, offer people counting and enforce social distancing, alert upon blocked emergency exits, sudden violence and breaches to hazardous locations, monitor traffic violations, traffic jams and car accidents, as well as stopped vehicles on highway shoulder/tunnels, and provide road management statistics.

innoVi™- transforming transportation.

innoVi for transportation

Customer Success Stories

Green Bay Austin Straubel International Airport (GRB), Wisconsin, USA

GRB airport has incorporated Agent Vi’s video analytics platform in order to monitor exit lanes, detect individuals moving against traffic flow, and personnel movement on air carrier aprons and ramps. Following Agent Vi’s automated detection, an alert is sent to a TSA agent as well as the airport’s Public Safety Communication Center as an event occurs, which then enables an instantaneous and appropriate response by security staff. Leveraging the surveillance system enables the security staff to work more efficiently and effectively, allowing management of such events as they unfold before they spiral into serious incidents.

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Read the full story