Smart Cities

Agent Vi’s AI-powered video analytics platform – innoVi™, can transform any city into a smart & safe city by leveraging existing surveillance cameras. By quickly detecting security, safety, and traffic incidents, resolving investigations with forensic video evidence, and effectively allocating law enforcement personnel, innoVi™ increases security and safety while supporting a smarter and more efficient use of city resources.

Secure your city with crime detection, receive alerts upon security threats, protect city assets and educational institutions, monitor public areas, and prevent vandalism, enforce public health regulations, detect sudden violence and unusual crowd formation, manage large scale events, and ensure the city’s appearance, detect traffic violations, enforce parking regulations, and analyze traffic patterns. All with innoVi’s all in one platform.

innoVi™, the technology answer for the demands of smart cities.

innoVi for smart cities

Customer Success Stories

Municipality of Vicente López, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Agent Vi’s video analytics solution was installed at the city’s Urban Monitoring Center. In addition, deployed at various sporting sites during the Summer Youth Olympic Games in Buenos Aires, Agent Vi’s video analytics capabilities played a key role in protecting athletes and visitors, helping to stop security breaches as they occur as well as stopping potential incidents before they escalade. Enabling highly accurate monitoring of the city’s video feeds effectively increased the level of security without increasing the number of operators. The implementation of video analytics has brought significant and positive changes in reducing urban crime as well as increasing public safety.

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Pune City Surveillance (PCS), Pune, India

Due to Agent Vi’s video analytics detecting traffic violations, within a year of deployment, the city was able to benefit from revenue of traffic tickets. Moreover, human resources are now deployed more effectively by using video analytics to investigate cases of theft, burglary and homicide.
“Video Analytics was deployed because the total number of cameras in the system is huge, and it is not possible to view all the cameras simultaneously. Agent Vi™ was selected as their video analytics are rated far better than competing solutions”. Jawahar Ali

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Read the full story