Critical Infrastructure

Agent Vi’s AI-powered video analytics platform – innoVi™, ensures the uninterrupted operation of critical infrastructure sites by increasing the security and safety of facilities & personnel. innoVi’s federated architecture makes it an ideal solution for deployment across expansive, multiple, and distributed sites.

innoVi™ produces automatic detections of possible security breaches such as perimeter intrusions, copper theft, damage to property and equipment, and unauthorized access into sterile zones. Its advanced AI capabilities allow for accurate classification and detection of events in real-time, making it suitable for the most challenging outdoor environments. In addition, innoVi™ offers a centralized, federated architecture that is ideal for large-scale deployments of multiple distributed sites, allowing continuous and reliable operation across limited bandwidth networks in a variety of complex environments.

innoVi™- tailored for the high-end requirements of distributed, un-manned critical infrastructure sites.

innoVi for critical infrastructure

Customer Success Stories

Kansai Electric Power Co. Kansai Prefecture, Japan

Kansai Electric Power Co., Inc (KEPCO) is one of the nine major electric companies in Japan. KEPCO have installed surveillance systems at multiple dam sites across Kansai. Despite its challenging environmental conditions, Agent Vi’s video analytics enabled effective on-site surveillance to safeguard the unmanned, remotely monitored dam sites. Upon Agent Vi’s detection of a person or vehicle in the dam area, a real-time alert is automatically generated, followed by a loudspeaker announcement which warns intruders to leave. In addition, an alert is generated to a control center. No safety incidents have occurred since Agent Vi’s video analytics were installed at the multiple Kansai sites.

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