Video Analytics Solutions for Remote Guarding, Enterprises & Smart Cities

innoVi is a unique, centrally managed video analytics solution powered by cutting-edge Deep Learning technology, that enables unparalleled detection accuracy. innoVi’s Deep Learning algorithms actively and continuously learn how to categorize objects with precision, allowing innoVi to distinguish between people, vehicles, static objects, and even between cars, motorcycles, bicycles, buses and trucks. Available either as an Agent Vi Hosted service or Customer Hosted (on-premise) solution, innoVi transforms any ONVIF / RTSP fixed IP / analog camera into an intelligent video device, uncovering otherwise hidden incidents, insights and information.


innoVi for Central Monitoring is a video analytics Software as a Service (SaaS) that delivers accurate, automatic, real-time detections of security breaches at remote sites with immediate video verification. innoVi for Central Monitoring enables more customers to be monitored and an increased level of security, without requiring an increase in the number of security staff.

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innoVi for Smart Cities is an innovative video analytics solution that transforms the hundreds or even thousands of surveillance cameras deployed across the city into smart video devices contributing to the city’s ability to improve security, safety and incident response city-wide, even in the most dynamic and challenging urban environment.

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Benefits Powered by the Cloud

  • Effortless central management of analytics in deployments of all sizes
  • Highly scalable service supports unlimited number of cameras
  • Seamless and immediate availability of service upgrades
  • High service availability, full redundancy and automatic backups
  • Accessible from anywhere, anytime, using standard web browser

innoVi, Powered by NVIDIA GPUs

Using NVIDIA Tesla GPUs in the cloud, Agent Vi has greatly reduced the cost to deploy a deep learning based solution that can easily scale to supporting hundreds of thousands of cameras in real-time.