“Spyke Security has chosen innoVi because it gives our video alarm center operators the right warning at the right moment. innoVi is a good solution for Spyke Security because it has a very low false alarm rate (FAR) in all weather and lighting conditions, even during rain and storms.”

Piet Sleurink, Director, Spyke Security, The Netherlands

“After having used innoVi for nearly 2 months, I am still astounded by how easy it was to configure, and how accurate the detections are. I had the analytics setup and fully operational within 2 to 3 minutes, per camera! There are absolutely zero false alarms regardless of day or night, fast or slow moving, or even multiple target scenarios.”

Keith Young, Senior Sales Engineer, Last Mile, Inc., WA, USA

“Agent Vi’s product innoVi is the video analytics solution the industry was promised five years ago. Agent Vi is ahead of the game with powerful cloud-based analytics processing… [innoVi’s] better event detection ultimately means less false alerts, which means the CMS can focus on dealing with real threats and making a real difference to the security of sites.”

Joel Babb, IT Manager , Farsight Security Services, United Kingdom

“The detection accuracy and false alarm rate is one of the best that I have seen to date. We are constantly testing and searching for the best video intrusion detection products out there, and innoVi sets the bar very high.”

Daniel Forrest, CEO, Eyeforce Remote Guarding Solutions, USA

“I am so excited about this product! It is the coolest thing since sliced bread. We have activated the box [innoVi Edge], set it up with one of our rear dock cameras, and it works amazingly accurate, especially with ‘person in an area’.”

Joe Trillo, General Manager, AAA Alarms and Fire Protection, USA