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Edition 2, 2015

savVi 5.3 Released including New Features & Integrations

savVi™ is Agent Vi’s unified video analytics software solution that offers a wide variety of analytics functionalities through a single, easy to use platform that integrates with existing or new surveillance systems. Featuring real-time event detection, video search and business intelligence applications, savVi provides a complete solution to the diverse video analytics requirements of multiple vertical markets.

savVi version 5.3 has been released. savVi Event Dispatcher is a new feature which enables notification of real-time events via a range of mobile communication applications (email, SMS, MMS or other application). The Event Dispatcher enhances the users’ ability to respond appropriately to emerging events, in real-time, when guards are on patrol, or otherwise occupied and not present in the control room.

savVi 5.3 also offers a number of new integrations, including with VMS platforms OnSSI Ocularis and Pelco VideoXpert. Furthermore, savVi is now integrated with Immix, the video alarm management software offered by SureView Systems (further information in articles below on integrations with Pelco VideoXpert and SureView Systems’ Immix platform). Click here to view a list of all VMS integrated with savVi, here for integrated video alarm management software, and here for integrated cameras and encoders.

Click here to view savVi 5.3 Release Notes

Agent Vi Cuts Investigation Times & Enhances Security at Tulsa University

The University of Tulsa (TU) sought a surveillance solution that would monitor key areas and protect valuable artwork, as well as enable rapid search through recorded video to identify events of interest. Accordingly, systems integrator JTI Security deployed Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection and Video Search software, seamlessly integrating with the surveillance system at the site comprised of over 400 network cameras from Axis Communications and OnSSI’s Ocularis CS as the VMS recording and viewing application.

Agent Vi’s Real-Time Event Detection software has transformed the surveillance system into a proactive tool that sends alerts to the security operators when an artwork is tampered with or removed. This increases the productivity of the security team who no longer monitor the live video feeds. Furthermore, Agent Vi’s “Left object” rule alerts the dispatch center to suspicious objects. Instant video notification enables security staff to view the object in real-time and a security officer is dispatched when required.

Agent Vi’s Video Search functionalities have reduced the time spent by TU when searching through recorded video during time-sensitive investigations. When campus artwork was found damaged, TU undertook an automatic search to investigate when the artwork was damaged and by whom. The video review – which would have taken hours – was accomplished in less than 5 minutes with Agent Vi’s forensic search capabilities.

William Redding, Assistant Director of Security Technology & Card Services at TU, stated that “Agent Vi offered everything that TU was looking for in a video analytics product. The real-time detections, together with the automatic search which makes searching across a wide expanse and numerous cameras so simple, responded to our needs. Combined with the high detection success and low false alarm rate, we have greatly improved our level of security and become much more efficient in the field of investigating surveillance video.”

Click here to read the Case Study

Agent Vi Launches Spanish Online Training & Certification for savVi

Agent Vi launched the Spanish version of its free, online certification program for savVi, Agent Vi’s unified video analytics platform. The certification program includes comprehensive online training content including an exam that grants the trainees a “Certified” status allowing them to resell, install and support Agent Vi’s video analytics offering.

A range of courses are available extending from specialized training for end-users to sales training dedicated to resellers’ sales staff, as well as more technical courses dedicated to installers and surveillance consultants. All courses are provided free of charge, and successful completion of the Installer or consultant courses award the trainee with BICSI Continuing Education Credits (CECs).

Agent Vi’s training program is available to Agent Vi’s channel partners, technology partners, end-users and the consultant community and may be accessed via Agent Vi’s website.

Agent Vi & Pelco by Schneider Electric Announce Product Integration

Agent Vi, together with Pelco by Schneider Electric, a leading manufacturer and provider of video surveillance systems, announced the integration of the Pelco VideoXpert™ video management platform with savVi, Agent Vi’s video analytics platform.

VideoXpert is Pelco’s latest Video Management System (VMS), designed with a ground breaking User Interface, an intuitive design that requires very little training, an open architecture for a variety of integration options, scalability through its modular design and high reliability. VideoXpert introduces a UI plugin API that enables Pelco partners to carry their user experience forward directly into the VideoXpert Ops Center client, extending the functionality available through the Ops Center and the solutions Pelco and its partners can provide.

savVi, Agent Vi’s unified video analytics software solution, boasts a set of advanced, automated video analysis tools that provide for the immediate detection and extraction of events and valuable data from surveillance footage, replacing the manual and time-consuming tasks traditionally employed to monitor live video feeds or sift through recorded video.

The integration allows the full range of savVi’s capabilities on every camera connected to the surveillance system through Pelco VideoXpert. Additionally, a deep integration with Pelco VideoXpert Ops Center for real-time detections and alerts enables full event management through the Ops Center. This includes event notification, simplified configuration, triggered recording, and more.

Click here to read the full press release

Agent Vi & SureView Systems Announce Product Integration for the Central Monitoring Station & Enterprise Markets

Agent Vi, together with SureView Systems, the leading global provider of video-centric security monitoring software, announced the integration of savVi™, Agent Vi’s video analytics platform, with Immix®, SureView’s software platform for central monitoring stations and enterprises.

savVi, Agent Vi’s unified video analytics software solution, includes a wide variety of real-time event detection capabilities that enable automated detection of events that violate security policy in a monitored area. The automated monitoring and detection of such events, available on any number of cameras, enables a substantial increase in the number of cameras that can be managed by a single surveillance operator, while improving operator efficiency, response time and overall security.

The SureView Immix platform is a web-based, networked software platform solution designed for enterprise businesses and central stations to protect critical assets. Its flexible architecture and large integration library support a rapid deployment model and strong return on investment.

The integration enables the presentation of events detected by savVi on the Immix platform, allowing the surveillance operator to quickly review the event details and event image, and respond according to the associated security protocol.

Click here to read the full press release

Agent Vi Continues Channel Expansion Worldwide

Agent Vi’s Channel Partner Program (CPP) is constantly expanding, attracting partners from new territories and markets. The CPP provides a framework for Distributors and Systems Integrators to become certified to resell, install and support Agent Vi’s products, thereby extending their existing product offering.

Some of the new partners are presented below. For a full list of partners please click Where to Buy.






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Upcoming Events

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End of Sale: Vi-System 4.2 / Vi-Search 2.1

Vi-System version 4.2 and Vi-Search version 2.1 have now reached their End-of-Sale date (June 30, 2015). In line with Agent Vi’s product life cycle policy, the End-of-Life date (on which support will no longer be provided for these versions) is June 30, 2016. Existing users of Vi-System 4.2, Vi-Search 2.1 or earlier versions are encouraged to migrate to savVi version 5.3. Please contact the Agent Vi Sales Department regarding migration possibilities.

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