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Edition 1, 2013

2003-2013: 10 Years of Surveillance Innovation for Agent Vi

Since its establishment in 2003 as one of the pioneers in commercial video analytics applications, Agent Vi has become the global leader in the video analytics market. Through 10 years of continued investment in development of state-of-the-art video analytics technologies, Agent Vi boasts the most comprehensive offering of video analytics solutions on the market today, extending from real-time event detection and video forensic search, to business intelligence applications.

Founded in 2003 as an emerging technology company, Agent Vi is now a global organization with operations in nearly 100 countries through hundreds of reseller partnerships, and thousands of satisfied customers.

When choosing a video analytics provider, track record is key, and Agent Vi prides itself on a decade of high performance credentials based on proven technology and strong partnerships. Agent Vi looks forward to building its future together with current and new partners, and remains committed to continued investment in product development, expanded international presence, and exceptional customer service.

Agent Vi 2012 Channel Partner Awards

Agent Vi is honoring leading members of its Channel Partner Program with Channel Partner Awards for their outstanding partnership and efforts during 2012 in their respective regions:

Channel Partner Award for 2012 for the North America regionG4S Technology LLC., for exceptional sales of Agent Vi’s products in large-scale projects, their investment in video analytics education, and development of expertise around Agent Vi’s range of solutions.

Channel Partner Award for 2012 for the Latin America regionRedisul, for their diligent efforts to promote Agent Vi in Brazil and their expert ability to deliver high-level solutions to their customers.

Channel Partner Award for 2012 for the Asia Pacific (APAC) regionCyrus Innovations Pte Ltd. As one of Agent Vi’s most active distributors, Cyrus is recognized for their outstanding efforts to recruit, train and support new channel and technology partners from the APAC region. Cyrus is an exemplary and committed partner, investing heavily in promoting Agent Vi’s solutions.

Channel Partner Award for 2012 for the European regionSecuritas Sverige AB, Sweden. As a leader in the Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) market, Securitas has embraced Agent Vi’s solutions to assist in security monitoring operations. In a short period, Securitas demonstrated advanced technical skills and achieved remarkable growth in sales of Agent Vi’s solutions in Europe.

Outstanding Channel Partner Award for 2012Anixter Brazil. As a leading security distributor in Brazil, Anixter Brazil demonstrates commendable efforts to champion Agent Vi among systems integrators and to position Agent Vi as an integral partner for all surveillance projects. These efforts have contributed to successful penetration of Agent Vi in the Brazilian market, and its establishment as a leading provider of video analytics solutions in that region.

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Agent Vi-Axis-Milestone Prevents Thefts at UK Solar Farms

Agent Vi partnered with Axis Communications and Milestone Systems to deliver a cutting-edge IP surveillance system to Wirsol Solar UK, a globally active solar energy company. Multiple solar farm sites across the United Kingdom now boast state-of-the-art security systems that effectively protect the sites despite the challenging conditions faced at those unmanned, non-illuminated, remote locations.

The integrated solution has already proven its benefits by detecting and alerting in real-time to multiple instances of intruders climbing over the fences at the solar farm sites and penetrating its perimeter. Agent Vi's real-time video analytics solution combined with AXIS Q1921E Thermal Network Cameras enables detection of intruders even in heavy rain and fog, without illumination devices.

Read the Press Release and the Case Study

Agent Vi Continues Channel Expansion Worldwide

Agent Vi’s Channel Partner Program (CPP) is constantly expanding, attracting partners from new territories and markets. The CPP provides a framework for Distributors and Systems Integrators to become certified to resell, install and support Agent Vi’s products, thereby extending their existing product offering.

Some of the new partners are presented below. For a full list of partners please click Where to Buy.















Integration Updates: Expanded Support for VMS Platforms

The Vi-System integration with Milestone MIP has been extended to support all XProtect server and client components on 64-bit platforms.

The integration with OnSSI Ocularis has been extended to Ocularis 3.0 and 3.5. Specifically, Vi-System (real-time analytics) is now available for Ocularis IS, CS and ES, and Vi-Search (video search and analysis) is available for Ocularis IS and CS.

The Vi-System integration with Verint Nextiva has also been extended to support all edge devices that are supported by Nextiva 6.3 SP1.

These expanded integrations will be available on Agent Vi’s website from mid-February 2013, within an updated build of Vi-System 4.2 and Vi-Search 2.1.

Agent Vi at European Events

Agent Vi presented its comprehensive video analytics solutions at Expoprotection in Paris, France, during December 2012. Exhibiting from within the booth of Axis Communications, Agent Vi demonstrated Vi-System (real-time detection and alert software) and Vi-Search (forensic search and business intelligence software), integrated with Axis network cameras.

Agent Vi also participated in a special live demonstration event at the Axis Experience Center (AEC) in Lund, Sweden. Systems Integrators from around Scandinavia enjoyed live demonstrations of Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions. In particular, retail applications like people counting, heat maps (display hot and cold zones to illustrate customer traffic patterns), and queue management were demonstrated within the retail section at the AEC.

Partner Events Worldwide

Members of the Channel Partner Program continue to promote Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions worldwide. Polish systems integrator e-Motive participated in the Retail Show Exhibition & Conference in Warsaw in November – the largest annual event of the B2B retail sector in Poland. American channel partner SW24 was proud to present the Agent Vi offerings at ISC East in November 2012.

Additionally, Jamaican systems integrator EHC Industries (Modoffice) exhibited Agent Vi’s video analytics solutions at Securing a Nation Expo, in Montego Bay, Jamaica, in November 2012. EHC Industries demonstrated Agent Vi’s integration with the OnSSI Ocularis platform, as well as demonstrating the varied applications of Vi-Search including forensic search, business intelligence and statistical analysis.

Systems integrator Vicon Industries from Hong Kong also presented Agent Vi’s solutions at Security China 2012, an exhibition held in Beijing in December. Vicon HK demonstrated both Vi-System and Vi-Search integrated with ViconNet and cameras onsite.

Upcoming Events: ISC West Exhibition & Certification

Agent Vi is exhibiting its full range of video analytics solutions at ISC West at Sands Expo in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA on 10-12 April 2013. Email [email protected] to set up a meeting.

An Agent Vi certification class is being held alongside ISC West, allowing attendees to become certified to sell, install and support Agent Vi’s products as well as attend ISC West in the same week. The certification is 8-10 April 2013 in Las Vegas. Email [email protected] for more details.

Upcoming Training & Certification Courses

Systems Integrators and Distributors are welcome to join upcoming training and certification courses as follows:



Copenhagen, Denmark

20-22 February 2013

Mexico City, Mexico

26-28 February 2013

Sao Paulo, Brazil

4-6 March 2013

Houston, TX., USA

12-14 March 2013

Boston, MA., USA

19-21 March 2013

Moscow, Russia

20-22 March 2013

Rotterdam, Netherlands

25-27 March 2013

Paris, France

25-27 March 2013

Las Vegas, NV., USA

8-10 April 2013


The 3-day course provides comprehensive knowledge regarding Agent Vi’s products and gives participants the skills to sell, install and support these products. All Systems Integrators who would like to become members of Agent Vi’s Channel Partner Program must complete the certification course.

For more details, click here or email [email protected]

Ask Agent Vi: What is Agent Vi’s Heat Map Feature?

Vi-Search, Agent Vi’s video search and analysis software, provides a variety of search result visualization tools including thumbnails, target paths, statistical graphs, video summary and heat maps. The term “heat map” refers to the visual presentation style of using red (or “hot”) color shades for indicating areas with high target/movement density and blue (or “cold”) shades for areas with low target/movement density.

Vi-Search’s heat map view is a unique and valuable tool for understanding the behavior of people in a particular area. By providing an intuitive visual representation of crowd density, the heat map view allows a user to immediately see which areas receive the highest traffic and which areas attract very little traffic.

The heat map in Vi-Search can be presented to cover the field of view of a single camera or alternatively, can be displayed on a broader site map to aggregate the results from multiple cameras and thereby provide coverage for very large areas.

The most common use of heat maps today is by the retail sector, with high interest from the marketing and operations departments. For example, the marketing team can compare the heat map in particular stores before and after the launch of a new campaign, to measure the campaign’s effectiveness, and the operations team can use the heat map for planning product placement and changes to the store layout.

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