Agent Video Intelligence 

Agent Video Intelligence (Agent Vi™) is the leading global provider of AI-powered open architecture video analytics solutions. Agent Vi’s comprehensive offering includes software products for automatic analysis of live or recorded surveillance video, allowing real-time detection of events of interest, object tracking, and quick extraction of events and data from recorded video.

Agent Vi’s solutions can be deployed on-premise on the customer’s infrastructure, or delivered as a cloud-based SaaS, and are fully integrated with a variety of third-party cameras, encoders, video management systems and alarm automation software.

Agent Vi’s AI-powered video analytics enable users to realize the true potential of their surveillance networks by deriving optimal value from their video data. Benefits include increased security and safety, and gaining valuable operational insights, while simultaneously reducing the time, labor and costs associated with manual video monitoring and analysis.

Agent Vi’s solutions offer a broad range of automatic video analysis capabilities, including:

  • Detecting and alerting to events of interest in real-time
  • Expediting search of recorded video
  • Extracting statistical data for business insights

Founded in 2003, Agent Vi has thousands of proven deployments worldwide across multiple industries, including critical infrastructure, city surveillance, central monitoring stations, transportation hubs and highways, law enforcement, retail, education, enterprise and industry, hospitality and more.

Agent Vi operates through a partner network of over 1,000 channel partners across 90+ countries.