City Surveillance

Enhance public safety, pinpoint security breaches and safety hazards, protect assets, provide data for operational efficiency, analyze recorded video, and more

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Central Monitoring Stations

Optimize remote video monitoring with automatic video analysis, to secure hundreds of sites without employing large numbers of operators or expanding IT infrastructure

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Critical Infrastructure

Protect high-value government sites, critical facilities and infrastructure with an enterprise-grade security solution, to ensure uninterrupted operations in the most challenging environments

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Agent Vi’s Comprehensive Video Analytics Range

Different deployment options, capabilities and features

that respond to the diverse needs of different vertical markets


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Featured Customer Story

Agent Vi Helps Decrease Traffic Congestion & Increase City Revenue in City of Zagreb, Croatia

savVi detects vehicles parked illegally or stopped in unauthorized zones, and sends an automatic alarm in real-time to Zagreb’s supervising center. Misdemeanor warrants are then issued. Prior to the installation of savVi, the city relied on on-site traffic monitors to catch offending vehicles. The automatic detections made by savVi, which eliminate the need for human monitoring, allow for more effective and immediate detection of illegally parked cars, and hence more parking tickets have been issued. The City of Zagreb has tripled its revenue from traffic violations as a result of savVi’s introduction… >> Read More


Recent News

1809, 2018

Agent Vi Expands its Deep Learning-Powered Video Analytics to the Enterprise Market

Agent Vi announced the launch of innoVi Enterprise, an innovative Deep Learning-powered video analytics software designed to meet the high-end security and safety needs of multiple vertical sectors. innoVi Enterprise offers Anomaly Detection and Real-Time Detection Rules, to transform any camera into a “Smart” device.

2108, 2018

Article: “Even more accurate video” featured in Professional Security magazine

Professional Security presents insights from Agent Vi CTO, Zvika Ashani, for an in-depth look at where video analytics technology is going: Deep Learning – the upside and the down – hosted services versus on-premise, current and future applications, and how Smart Cities can use video data to improve safety and security.