Below is a list of edge devices (cameras and encoders) supported by innoVi


Network Camera Models:

M1124, M1124-E, M1125, M1125-E, M1145, M1145-L
M3104-L, M3104-LVE, M3105-L, M3105-LVE
P1354, P1354-E, P1357, P1357-E, P1364, P1364-E, P1365, P1365-E, P1365-E Mk II, P1365 Mk II
P1405-E, P1405-LE, P1425-E, P1425-LE, P1427-E, P1427-LE, P1435-E, P1435-LE
P3214-V, P3214-VE, P3215-V, P3215-VE, P3224-LV, P3224-LVE, P3215-V, P3225-LV, P3225-LVE, P3354, P3364-V, P3364-LV, P3364-VE, P3364-LVE, P3365-V, P3365-VE, P3367-V, P3367-VE, P3884-V, P3384-VE
P3904-R, P3905-R, P3905-RE, P3915-R
Q1604, Q1604-E, Q1614, Q1614-E, Q1615, Q1615-E, Q1615-E Mk II, Q1615 Mk II, Q1635, Q1635-E
Q1765-LE, Q1775, Q1775-E
Q1931-E, Q1932-E, Q1941-E, Q1942-E
Q3505-V, Q3505-VE
Q3615-VE, Q3617-VE


Q7411, Q7436

Ensure the following guidelines are met:

  • The following sensor and video layout types are not supported:
    • PTZ
    • Panoramic (fisheye)
    • Multi-sensor cameras
    • Corridor format
  • It is strongly recommended to use the latest available AXIS device firmware from AXIS web site:
  • The underlying device chip-set should be ARTPEC-4 or ARTPEC-5. Older chip-sets (such as ARTPEC-3) as well as Ambarella-based devices are not supported
  • Device firmware must be 5.60 or later
  • Firmware versions from 5.65.1 to must be avoided
  • If your camera is managed by AVHS, the firmware version must be 5.90 or later
  • Your camera should not run additional CPU intensive ACAP applications (other than the Vi-Agent). In particular, you should avoid running other analytics or video processing applications in parallel to the Vi-Agent