Vi-System™ is Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software, which transforms standard surveillance networks into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems.  

Vi-System is Agent Vi’s real-time video analytics software, which transforms standard surveillance networks into intelligent and effective detection and alert systems.
By performing real-time analysis of the video stream, Vi-System identifies and generates alerts for a variety of user-defined events relating to people, vehicles and static objects. Used for applications such as security, safety and business intelligence, Vi-System offers effective monitoring of multiple video sources in parallel, enabling automatic detections, alerts and responses to events, as they emerge.
Based on Agent Vi's open architecture, pure software approach, Vi-System can be easily integrated with a wide range of edge devices and video management systems, in both new and existing surveillance networks.
Vi-System boasts the combined benefits of superior detection performance, high scalability, installation simplicity and ease of use, making it the most advanced, comprehensive and cost effective real-time video analytics solution on the market.
Vi-System Event Dispatcher
The Vi-System Event Dispatcher is an add-on to Vi-System which enables notification of real-time events via email, SMS, MMS, pager or other communication application. It offers customers maximum flexibility to personalize their Vi-System event notifications, enhancing the users’ ability to respond appropriately to emerging events, in real-time.  Click here to read more about the Vi-System Event Dispatcher.


Vi-System offers a wide and flexible range of analytics detection functions related to People, Vehicles and Static Objects. Such functions are available on both fixed and PTZ cameras. Additionally:
  • An unlimited number of analytics rules of any kind and combination can be applied to each camera
  • The analytics rules can be applied to any number of video channels simultaneously
  • Complex detection scenarios can be generated by combining or linking detection rules


Detection Rules / Behaviors 
Person moving in an area
Person crossing a line
Person tailgating
Vehicle moving in an area
Vehicle crossing a line
Stopped vehicle
Tailgating vehicle
Static Object
Suspicious object
Traffic obstacle
Asset protection
Count people
Count vehicles
Measure stickiness  (dwell time)
Preset – Person moving in an area
Preset – Person crossing a line
Preset – Vehicle moving in an area
Preset – Vehicle crossing a line
Autonomous Target Tracking


Vi-System can be used for a range of applications, making it an essential surveillance tool for all sectors and industries:
Security and Perimeter Protection
Detect breaches to secure zones, unauthorized activity and movement in specific areas, perimeter intrusion, loitering in sensitive areas, person or vehicle tailgating (unauthorized entry), unattended objects, camera tampering and more
Detect crowd formation, obstructions to traffic paths, vehicles traveling in the wrong direction, vehicles stopped in restricted (no stopping) zones, blocking of fire exits and more
Traffic Monitoring
Detect stopped vehicles and traffic obstacles, vehicle counting for traffic analysis and more
Asset Protection
Detect interference with assets, removal of assets, inventory and stock monitoring, breaches of secure zones and more
Business Intelligence
Detect queue formation, people counting for store/site traffic analysis, dwell time, vehicle counting for traffic flow analysis and more
The main challenge facing end users wishing to deploy real-time video analytics is to identify the best performance product, which has been objectively verified as delivering the highest probability of detection (POD) and the lowest false alarm rate (FAR).
Agent Vi’s Vi-System (Ver 3.3 SP1) is one of a very small number of analytics solutions that have received the highest possible i-LIDS® certification as a Primary Detection System for operational alert use in sterile zone monitoring application.
The i-LIDS® program is operated by the UK Home Office and is the only independent certification process which tests POD and FAR rates for a specific application. Vi-System received the highest possible grade as a “Primary Detection System”, certifying that it can be relied upon as the sole detection system, with no need for additional detection layers.
Agent Vi’s architecture enabled Potomac Basin Security System [including Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Bolling Air Force Base, and the Washington Navy Yard] to run high-end analytics with validated alarms over its existing infrastructure – with the flexibility to ramp up into hundreds of cameras – without having to increase server capabilities. Michael Borcherding , President, AbeoTS LLC (Systems Integrator)